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stores this ye■ar. According to Sun●ing's 2008 financial〓 report, 134○ stores out of t○he 812

in the

are locate●d in third-■ and fourth-ti○er cities.Th●e company is al◆so thinking of

thi●rd- a

〓opening sto●res tailored to ●the specific● needs of consumer●s in small tow◆ns and

nd fourt○h-tier citie

remo■te rural reg〓ions, Sun ◆said.Compared ●to a traditiona●l Suning store, whi●ch has a floor ar■ea of around 4,○500 sq m, "the co〓unty store is sm〓aller in

size, a〓t around 2,○000 sq m," Sun exp〓lained. Su●ning opened its● first rural sto

ive years," ●Sun said

re ●in 2002, in Changs〓hu, Jiangsu pro○vince.The com●pany is be○tting on the appl●iance rebate progra●m to help e○nhance its brand aw○areness and〓 sales. As a

n acti○ve player in th●e program, the comp〓any has won all the ○bids intende○d to promote th○e eight categori■es of household app●liances in 14 regi●ons. Suning pl●ans to

er of ■these stores w

inve●st another 50 milli●on yuan to su●bsidize stores ○in those re〓gions that hav〓e not been included● in the pr◆ogram.Compa■red with urban area○s, the rural

elec○tric appliances● market has bigger● potential.China ●extends rural ○subsidies schem■e for home appl○iance purchasesB◆EIJING, Feb. 2●7 (Xinhua) ●--

ill b○e directly own■ed by Suning,● and the res

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